Man from UP held for theft attempt

A man from Uttar Pradesh was arrested by the Vasco police on charges of trying to break enter into a bungalow of a Mormugao Planning and Development Authority employee. The bungalow was located at Jairamnagar, Dabolim.

The bungalow belonged to a man named Rajesh Parsekar. In his complaint, Rajesh said that he saw two men trying to break into the main door of his house when he returned home on Monday afternoon. When the duo saw him, they fled and left their two-wheeler behind in hurry. However, they had already broken into the servants’ quarter and were then trying to enter the house.

The police tried to identify the culprits with the help of the scooter that was left behind. After inspection it was found out that the scooter belonged to a man who had lent the scooter for a two day period. He had lent out the scooter to Mukesh Malvi, 35 years old.

The police was also able to detain Malvi by Monday evening. Amongst the recoverable, there was Gold of worth Rs 8,000 and cash around Rs 15000. Police is still looking for the other accused. The investigations are being carried out under the guidance of Vasco Pl Nolasco Raposo.

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