Cruise Boat in Goa Crashes into Casino

A cruise ride which would otherwise have been a memorable one to the riders became something that they will never be able to forget. A cruise vessel drifted from its actual path and crashed into a casino. The passenger cruise ship was carrying about 42 tourists on-board. When the cruise ship shifted from its course, the passengers as well as the cruise members drifted. Although the ship went on to crash into the casino, luckily both the vessels did not suffer any damage.

The passengers were brought on-board with safety after the crash and no one was hurt. Using the feeder boats of the casinos helped to bring the passengers to the Panaji Captain of Ports Jetty. As per the concerned officials, the accident occurred because of wild currents which were not expected before. Captain of ports James Braganza said, “Because of strong currents, the boat drifted towards the casino vessel instead of the jetty. Thankfully nothing grave happened and no damage occurred.”

The accident occurred at around 6:30 pm on last Saturday, when the pleasure boat was on its way back from the cruise. The boat, as told by the officials Om Sai, struggled to counter the currents and struck the casino vessel that was situated nearby.

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