Air Fare Shoots Up With the Coming Weekend

With the long weekend coming of about four days, the prices of flights have shot up like crazy with the most rise being witnessed for prices to and from Goa to major cities in India. The weekend is awaited by all as it begins with the Dusshera holiday on September 30th and ending on October 2nd being Gandhi Jayanti.

To say the least, for shorted distances like Chennai and Goa itself, the ticket price has rose upto 13,500 INR for the weekend as opposed to the general and usual fair which is 4000 INR. Rush of tourists is being expected from Hyderabad as well which is very well reflected on the ticket prices for travel. The regular fare for the flight from Hyderabad to Goa is usually near 3000 INR, but if someone wishes to travel on 2nd October, he or she must be ready to shell out a good 10,000 INR.

Not only have the air fare risen but same is also being seen in the prices of bus tickets. From Hyderabad to Goa, a bus journey usually costs around 27OO INR, but on this coming weekend the tickets are costing 3500 INR.

The hotel bookings are also flooding and hence it is being estimated by the hotel owners that people had planned the trips since long. Operations manager Narayan Reddy for Neelam Grand Hotel in Calangute said, “Most of Calangute is almost sold out. Our hotel is sold out till October 2. Bookings have come in over the last week and, especially in Calangute and Baga, bookings have come in just this week.”

Bengaluru and Mumbai are also among the destinations that are witnessing the tickets prices shooting up.

Airfares is around Rs 9,000 to and from Bengaluru currently for the coming weekend whereas the price usually goes below Rs 2,000.

The fare from Goa to Mumbai is Rs 7,412 on October 2, up from the regular fare of around Rs, 1,700.

There has not been much changes seen for prices of tickets in Delhi and Kolkatta which is an indicative of the inflow from the cities.

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