Regularizing Mobile Carts in Mapusa

The Goan police is on its way to crack down illegal activities in the state and to achieve the same, action is being taken on to regularize the working of mobile/ handcarts in the Mapusa area.

Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) on Friday issued a notice asking the cart owners to submit their respective trade licences in a span of 15 days. If one fails to do so then the cart shall be seized by the civic body. Mapusa Muncipal Council (MMC) chairperson Rohan Kavlekar said that in order to regularize working of mobile carts, the first step would be to see who has a licence to do the work that they are doing. The department also plans to maintain proper records from now on and keep a check on the happenings in the concerned market. As revealed by the records that they currently have, there are about 160 handcarts operating in Mapusa.

He said, “Some handcarts don’t have trade licences. We don’t have a record of what they sell. Some have even turned into permanent carts, while some have not renewed their licences. This leads to loss of revenue for the MMC. These handcarts also seem to be increasing in numbers. All these issues will be taken care of through this effort.” He further added that the action will throw some light on the market divide and purposes for which cart is being used.

Those who are operating without a licence are also a source of revenue loss and leakage for the department and hence the move will help curb this problem as well. Many traders here are using a single cart for multiple purposes which also needs to be checked. Some of the carts which were earlier being used for supplying items to grocery shops are now being used for trade hand carts.

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