Vasco shop burgled Rs 1.7 lakh

Vasco shop burgled Rs 1.7 lakh

A burglary took place in the heart of the Vasco Town of Goa during night time which has left everyone shocked. The burglary took place at the store of Vasco businessman Shadatulla Khan. Mr. Khan operates and runs a business of hardware products in Goa.

When Khan woke up on the morning of Saturday, he was in for a shock as he was robbed off around Rs. 1.7 Lakhs in the previous night. Khan lodged complaint about the incident with the vasco police, the next morning. He stated in his complaint that he had closed the store at around 8:30 PM and left for home.

On the next morning when he reached the shop, he was shocked to see that the shop was entered into by some unidentified men, forcefully and that 1.7 Lakhs INR was stolen. The burglars had managed to steal cash worth Rs. 1.10 Lakhs and hardware material worth Rs 60,000 from the shop.

Vasco police has conducted the formalities for the panchnamma and are further investigating into the case.


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