Navi Mumbai Heist: Thieves looted ornaments worth Rs 2.85 crore

The thieves who burrowed into the locker room of Bank of Baroda's Juinagar branch had cleaned out cash and ornaments worth Rs 2.85 crore, the Navi Mumbai police have discovered. S Pathare, deputy commissioner of police, Vashi, said, "We are scanning the CCTV footage. We have got some leads and different teams have been formed to trace the accused." The police learnt that the accused had rented a shop a few metres away. From there, they dug a tunnel to the locker room. Police said the incident was first noticed by the bank manager on Monday.

The crooks looted 30 lockers after tunneling through the floor of the locker room at the Juinagar branch of Bank of Baroda

A case was registered at Sanpada police station. "30 lockers had been broken into. We took statements of 28 locker owners," said a cop. Surveillance expert Sunil Udupa said, "For such a high-risk area, there should be high-end surveillance solutions. The most crucial measure is the seismic sensor, which can detect any security breach, either audio, touch, vibration or hammering.

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If there had been seismic sensors in the locker room, the vibration from the ground could have been detected. The crime could have been prevented at that very second, using video verification and two-way audio."

10.5kg Amount of gold stolen
6.4kg Amount of silver stolen
Rs 70,000 Amount of cash stolen
Rs 50,000 Value of stolen diamond ring

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