The magical sound of HANG

Hangdrum or hang – for its shape and unusual sound, often called cosmic – is one of the youngest instruments in the world.

It’s just 18n years old

It was first developed in 2000 by a Swiss couple, Felix Roner and Sabine Scherer, in Bern. The creation of hang was the result of numerous studies of various instruments from around the world: such as gong, gamelan, gatam/udu, drum, bell. Sabina and Felix had a small workshop in Bern, where they were creating their hangs.

The main idea of ​​the instrument is to feel the music more than having the technical know-how of the instrument.  One can say that the creators did not expect, and were absolutely not ready for such a wave of popularity. In 2006 the couple had stopped releasing their instruments, and various masters from all over the world started trying to imitate the hang.



Our group Romb was created two years ago, we came to know about the instrument quite by chance, here in India, after hearing the sound of one of the prototypes. Since hang allows us to reveal ourselves even without any special technical skills, we found our own individual sound quite quickly, adding special bass tones with the sound of jembe. Therefore, if you always wanted to make music and if you have something inside that you want to express, hang is what you need.

Now we can not imagine our life without music! Traveling to different countries and presenting our music, we see people cry, laugh, dance, wonder, freeze in the moment – their reaction is amazing! And for us happiness is – to be heard by people. The sounds released by hang have the ability to positively influence the body with the help of special vibrations. Therefore, the instrument is often used to achieve a deep meditative state during sessions.   Our dream is to develop this culture. Now we have a whole team of talented people that unites the best manufacturers of hangs, researchers, teachers and creative people. From December to March, we are in Goa, so those who have long dreamed  to know the instrument better, will have a great opportunity not only to hear it live, but also to  learn how to play and even buy their own instrument. Visit our school, it’s always free.

Instagram: @romb_music

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