Stop cooking at the Beach

Stop cooking at the Beach. It was launched in Goa on the 21st of May at Calangute Panchayat – hot line!


Now you can report

Now you can report by calling on 7030960831 any hawkers, beggars, handcarts, paan-gukta kiosk, tourist cooking in open spaces and obstruction to footpaths caused by display boards and merchandise.

Sounds funny, but there were so many complains of bus loads of tourists who come down to Goa and cook in the open, It ruined the countryside and tourist places.

It was in September, 2017 when Chief Minister Parrikar said that Goa as a reputed tourist destination was attracting over 6 million tourists, annually, including domestic and foreigners, and had expressed his resolve to attract more tourists by enhancing infrastructure and tourist safety. So Goa to crackdown cooking at the beaches. Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar added that this crackdown on cooking in public places was essential as “it was unhygienic and resulted in huge amount of garbage being strewn in public areas”.

So police could fine for such behavior. But how to know where it is happening. Now you can help them – just give a call 7030960831.

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