GFC. Who are the winners

Who are the winners? Goa Flair Challenge contest has been happening every month since 2014, gathering the best bartenders from all over India. This time, on the 29th of May, there were 8 participants at Mambo’s (Baga) – from Goa, Mangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

Winners of Goa Flier Challenge, May, 2018

Artem Klymenko, who is the organizer of the Goa Flair Challenge, bar-consultant of Tito’s Group and co-founder of Tito’s Bar Academy, thinks it’s a great chance for boys to become better and bigger in their profession: “Many of my students have already moved to Europe or to Middle East like Dubai and Qatar. Many of them have gotten prestigious jobs, some of them are champions, and some are in the World Top-5, which I’m very proud of”.

So how the last competition was going on? Everybody had 7 minutes to perform his flairing and mixing talent. They needed to pour glass of Kingfisher beer, mix classical Tito’s vodka based cocktail T-Bull and… their own signature cocktail as well. Then jury made a decision, and the winners are:

1st place – Pratik Choudhary, Flair-o-Logy Pune, Cocktail name – Rising Star/ Rs7000

2nd place – Harish Bist, Club Tito’s Goa, Cocktail name – Red Zone/Rs5000

3rd place – Shettigar Hemraj, Martini Mangalore, Cocktail name – Spicy Lady/Rs3000

As soon Harish (2nd place) has become a winner once before he was already in the list for final show, which is going to happen in a few months. So 4th place got a chance to join the finalists – Kuber Vishwakarma, Flair-o-Logy Mumbai, Cocktail name – Summer Gentleman.

And still more positions are opened: catch your chance to take part in the Goa Flair Challenge Final Round, by joining the next contest which will happen on the 26th of June.

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