The Wall of Love in Baga

The Wall of Love in Baga: one more thing you need to do when you are in Goa.

It was opened in June at Mambo’s, on one of the most popular roads of the state – Tito’s lane, which is crossed by 20 000 people from all over the world daily.

The Wall of Love was built forever: whatever is written on it remain for centuries. And the main topic is LOVE. You can share here your feelings to your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, to the entire Universe. You also are able to advertise your business (with logo, photo, contact info etc.) by the way. But it must be paid – you buy your space on this wall: starting from RS 300. They are planning to collect 1 mln RS!

Dadid de Souza is writing on the wall about his LOVE to his wife

Why did  Artemii Skorchak and David de Souza create this project? Simple – all the money will be going to charity. And each and every person who left his words on the Wall will know where his money has gone exactly. As soon all the participants must fill in the form with their detail – so it’s easy for organizers to inform them via mail how the money was spent (which orphanage or nursing home for example). All this info we have got from Artemii Skorchak, who was helping David to set up this wonderful Wall.

Taking part in the project you will also get a chance to win a prize trip to some exotic country.

What is important: there is no single word about politics or religion, no dirty words, only LOVE.

So do it! You can enter the club (from 6pm to 8PM free entry for couples) and leave your words of LOVE here.

The words of Goan Times

P.S. Goan Times has already written its words on the WALL OF LOVE. We have done it on the opening night, payed RS600.


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