Bollywood Queen of Goa – Bhumicka Singh

A few words with Bollywood Queen of Goa – Bhumicka Singh. Of course you know her – billboards now are everywhere in Goa. And if you have not been yet at Mambo’s (Friday) or Tito’s (Saturday) for her Bollywood Night there is a reason to visit.

– How many years became you have been running Bollywood Nights in Goa?
– It’s been 3 years. I started my first Bollywood Night in Mambo’s in 2015, and ever since Friday is the biggest.

– Your team. How many people are in this project or you do it alone?
– My team comprises of me and my sister Pooja, who is my partner. The DJs have kept changing, but someone who has been a constant all these years and headliner for all my events and back bone is DJ Mack Vieira. I couldn’t have done this without him… Also currently I have DJ Kris in the team.

– Can you remember any funny stories during last 3 years at Mambo’s on your Fridays?
– Oh, so many!!!!!! I keep meeting people from all over India and abroad coming for my event. It’s sometimes funny how people get drunk and dance and after ask me to marry them. Lol

– This monsoon you have started Bollywood at Tito’s on Saturday too? People say it’s incredible. How is this experience?
– Yes, I started another Bollywood Night – at Tito’s, and it’s a crazy scene there!!!! I think at times we shout entry because the club is over packed!!!

Check out her Bollywood night at Tito’s

– We heard your Bollywood Night happened in Delhi also.
– I have taken my brand all over India – Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Chennai, Pune. And international will be coming soon.

– Crowd at Tito’s and Mambo’s is very colourful – somebody from Delhi, somebody from Bangalore or Mumbai, or Pune… So can you feel the difference between the cities, what do they prefer compeering to each other?
– I get crowd all over India: Punjabis from North, people from South… I cater to all kinds of crowd and adjust accordingly but the concept music of my night is loved by every Bollywood lover. The city does not matter! Even foreigners from USA, Russia, New Zealand have become fans.

– Every week you need to travel from Mumbai to Goa and back. How do you survive in these rhythms?
– Ah, thankfully someone asked me that question! It is very hectic of course and sometimes I’m sleep deprived, but it’s really worth it when you get a successful event!

– I heard you keep all natural diet and way of living. What does it mean?
– Well… there is a long story to that… I was an obese kid and got in fitness as a teenager!
The natural way of living that I follow is I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs or take supplements or diet pills. I don’t get facials done or do any hair or face treatments. I’m all natural. I avoid fast food as much as possible and stick to fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I run 6 to 7 kms a day, lift weights… So this is all natural for me.

– Do you have husband/boyfriend? If yes, what does he think about your nights out in such places like Tito’s and Mambo’s?
– No I’m currently single.


– You think how many people do become happy weekly because of you?
– The 3 years I have been doing events in seen people thank me at the end of the night for making their trip memorable… The experience they get and the praise are unbelievable!!!! So much so that people from various parts of India plan their holiday to attend my event… I’m sure we will continue to do so.

– And one last question for now. How can you describe your Bollywood Nights in a few words? For people who have never been there yet.
– It’s very difficult to put down and say how different my Bollywood Nights are. You just have to come and experience! Our music is pure Bollywood mix with Punjabi and retro, and me hosting the events gives an entirely different vibe.
Come experience it. That’s why it’s the biggest in goa

And let me say one more thing… I am always thankful for Ricardo de Souza for bringing me in and showing faith that I could make these events big… David de Souza – for always supporting me and the entire team of Tito’s and Mambo’s – it’s the best place to work.

By Anastasia Gritsay

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