Apple Executive, Shot By UP Cop, Died Of Bullet Injury To Chin: Autopsy

Police said Apple executive Vivek Tiwari was shot at for not stopping for checking.


Vivek Tiwari, the Apple sales executive who was shot dead by a police constable in Lucknow last Saturday, died of gunshot injury on the left side of his chin, according to the post-mortem report.

He was shot at for allegedly not stopping for checking while he was driving with his colleague.

Mr Tiwari's wife and two daughters, who met Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Monday, were promised all help from the government.

The state government announced Rs. 25 lakh for the family and Rs. 5 lakh for Mr Tiwari's children's education; another Rs. 5 lakh has also been given for his elderly mother.


Vivek Tiwari's post-mortem report said he died of injuries on the left side of his chin.

His wife Kalpana was offered a job at the Lucknow civic body. "He (Yogi Adityanath) heard what I had to say and assured help. I am in no shape to take any strong stand…I had said that I have faith in our state government… today that faith has strengthened," Kalpana Tiwari told news agency ANI on Monday.


The constable said he opened fire at Vivek Tiwari in self-defence.

Vivek Tiwari was admitted to the hospital at 2:05 am on Saturday and died within 20 minutes. Police informed his wife about his death at around 3 am.
The Yogi Adityanath government is under severe criticism from the opposition over Vivek Tiwari's killing. The constable who opened fire at him claims he did so in dself-defence. But the state government came under attack from one of its own ministers – Om Prakash Rajbhar – who accused the police of trying to "cover up" the matter and claimed law and order in Uttar Pradesh was reduced to a 'joke'.

Uttar Pradesh police chief OP Singh had apologised about the incident and vowed to wean out "rogues in uniform" who bring dishonour to the force.

Two constables, Prashant Chowdhury and Sandeep Kumar, were arrested on Saturday after a complaint by Mr Tiwari's colleague who was travelling with him. The two were sacked soon after.

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