Women’s Work at The Cube Gallery

Women’s Work at The Cube Gallery. Five international visual artists-in-residence at The Cube Gallery, delve deeper into their experience and their idea of India, exploring its essence through its colours, sights, sounds and most importantly its women.

Even though all five artists were in residence at different times, the flow of ideas and artistic inspiration gathers a collective momentum as it connects thematically. It culminates in Women’s Work, a show that cuts across space, time and cultural barriers to challenge stereotypes about work and honours the accomplishments of stellar women everywhere.

The exhibition reclaims the dismissive phrase “It’s just women’s work” and redefining it triumphantly to cover the process and subject of artworks done by Russian and Georgian artists Tatyana Antoshina (Tania), Keti Melkadze, Nina Bajelidze, Mihail Pyatnickiy and French artist Elodie Alexandre.

Keti’s hard laborious shaping and bending of wire mesh sculptures of powerful female figures; Nina’s Impressionist paintings featuring soft yet strong women; multimedia artist Tania’s and ceramist and illustrator Elodie’s celebration of iconic women – ranging from Rani of Jhansi to Sarla Thakral, the first Indian woman to fly an aircraft.  Mihail Pyatnickiy, the only male artist in the show pays tribute to a mother and her child, again a domain seen as primarily Women’s Work.


These artists translate a different cultural context and experience through the alternative materials to create their work, they expand rigid notions of fine art and incorporate a wider variety of artistic perspectives.


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