EARTH DAY CELEBRATION  at Anjuna Beach, Goa will be happening on Sunday, 28th of April. Be ready to join people at Guru Bar at 3-4PM.
Plastic and other pollutants litter the beaches of Goa, presenting a serious problem for the environment and for people’s health. Our beaches also suffer from periodic pollution via oil and tar.
Many tourism industry forums are reporting a downturn in tourism. Some of the reason for this has to be increased pollutants on the beaches of Goa, including the burning of plastic waste.
All plastic is derived from fossil fuels like coal. The fossil fuel industry also impacts on global warming, leading to accelerated climate change. This is a burning issue for all, especially coastal communities like Goa,with a predicted rise in sea levels caused by global warming.
While governments and industry have a primary role to play in resolving the fossil fuel-based pollution crisis,these do not have a good track record when it comes to action. We as individuals also need to do our bit. And together we can work miracles.
In honour of Earth Day 2019, we are organising a “Beach Clean Up Drive”, including a shore walk to reduce the amount of litter on Anjuna beach.All participants will be provided with gloves and cleaning equipment.
This initiative will also help raise beach goer’s awareness regarding the impact of litter on our beaches and
surrounding aquatic habitats.
All Anjuna locals are invited to participate in this clean up.
All beach shack businesses at Anjuna beach and hostels/guesthouses in Anjuna also are
invited to join us.
This will be followed by a session of short presentations by activists
and professionals towards providing solutions to our waste-management crisis. A special session on keeping the beach plastic free to protect aquatic life will be presented by Ram
Doultani from Carry Your Bottle.
We invite expressions of interest from activists, NGO’s, tourism industry groups, panchayats,government bodies
and businesses with special expertise in addressing this issue who may wish to speak at this session.
Anyone with solutions is welcome to speak.
The evening’s program will also include a sunset drum circle and live music.Please contact us if you’d like to be involved.
Towards a plastic-free Goa!
Keeping Goa clean is everyone’s responsibility!
For the Earth and all her creatures!
Collaboration with : Earth Day Network, musica guru live ,Banglanatak Dot Com, Carry Your Bottle, Sanctuary Nature Foundation,Bunkd Hostels,Guru Bar goa
Supported by:Instaasearch,EcoWorld GOA,Be Yoga Bound,ZIVA Suites,Guru Backpackers,Pappi Chulo Goa,Folklore Hostels,The Bucket List Hostel Goa.
Beach Cleanup drive : 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm
Meeting time & place : 3:30 pm at Guru Bar, Anjuna
Sunset Drum Circle: Guru Bar, 6.30 pm
Speakers: Guru Bar, 7pm
Live Music: Guru Bar, 8pm
For further information contact :Nill-9960956691 ,
Ryan 9730020900

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