New CM talks of impetus on green industry, employment

New CM talks of impetus on green industry, employment

Citizens must step forward to contribute their ideas to contribute their ideas to complete the vision of former chief minister, Manohar Parrikar to make Goa the number one  state, said chief minister Pramod Sawant.

Parrikar wanted Goa to be the best state. We must fulfill his dream,” he added. He was speaking after the K D Naik memorial lecture on ‘Restoring ecological, economic and agro-entrepreneurial glory of Khazans of Goa’, delivered by assistant professor, Goa University, Nandkumar Kamat.

“Khazan lands are a focus area for us right now. For this, we are open to suggestions from everyone for the development of the business sector. Share your ideas with me and my government and we will welcome your ideas for the development of Goa,” he said.

Sawant said that it is also the ideas by industrialists, agriculturists, environmentalists that need to be heard out, for the development of the state.

“Henceforth, for the next three years, whatever ideas GCCI suggests, will be considered. New investments should come into Goa. There are very few people who are business-minded. Most people prefer a government job. More potential is there however, in the private sector for which the business fraternity  of Goa can help,” he said.

“We must, especially, also take into consideration what environmentalists say and suggest,” he added. Sawant also stressed on the need for reviving agriculture and traditional systems in the state.

“The government spent Rs 15 crore n Amona to make bunds in River Mandovi, so that soil erosion can be avoided. But the output, so far, is zero. There is a lot of barren land in my constituency. With assistance of people, we can do community farming to develop agriculture. Only if we combine agriculture, ecology and economy, will we be able to see development,” he said.


Chief Minister  Pramod Sawant said that government can create only about 4-5,000 vacancies for the next three years and called upon the industrial and private sectors to create jobs for the Goan youth.

“I have come across very few people showing interest in getting into business. They want a government job or a secured job. But government job has limitation and now it is not possible for the government to engage more people. I believe that for the next three years, hardly 4-5,000 vacancies will be created. Nevertheless, there is more potential in the private sector and you (referring to industrialists and private employers) can help the government for (creating) jobs for the people of Goa,” he said while addressing a gathering during an award ceremony hosted by the Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) on Tuesday.

He assured that government welcomes new ideas that will not only help the people of Goa but also towards the development of the State.

The CM conceded that in the last two years, government could not lay focus on certain sectors like the Investment Promotion Board (IPB) but – while hinting at the upcoming IT Park at Chimbel – he also urged few sections of the people to not oppose government projects.

“There have been shortcomings and the way things should have moved, it did not in the last two years be it IPB or other sectors. But I promise that in the next three years, whatever ideas from your side, from the GCCI side, we will take into consideration and accordingly move ahead. I would be happy that we get new investments because every youth is dependent on this job,” he said.adding, “In the name of being an environmentalist, there are projects. One should not protest without having knowledge about the issue/project. The government will in anyway not compromise on the environment but we should also think about the employment for the youth.”

The CM urged cooperation for employment generation. While referring to the state of agriculture sector, the CM said that people should come forward to start community or group farming.


Suraj Nandrekar

Sr Assistant Editor (Reporting),

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