The number of unjustified Indian tourist visas refusals has reached a catastrophic scale!

The number of unjustified Indian tourist visas refusals has reached a catastrophic scale! Today the Indian economy largely depends on a number of tourists visiting this country because most of the money they spend ends up buoying economic growth and creates a large number of new jobs. It is no coincidence that the government has set goals to improve service in the tourist segment and similarly to increase the number of people arriving in the country for holidaying purpose.

However, something is obviously very wrong and instead of working to fulfill the government target, some corrupt elements in embassies sabotage government policy and use other Corrupt travel agencies to arbitrarily give these tourists visas. There are a lot of examples and plenty of unusual cases that are beginning to be noticed now. For example, just a few days back, the usual tourist visa for a young mother was denied electronically, despite the fact that her teenage children received enter permits. Isn’t that strange? At the same time, another young woman had never had problems while visiting India and had always fulfilled all necessary conditions for staying in this country and even had a local boyfriend was denied and even stamped. Hundreds of other such cases have been recorded.

And, unfortunately, such cases are not unique. There are many more examples. All this can negatively affect our country’s image and government plans to achieve significant growth in the tourism sector. Such actions from embassy staff look particularly strange compared to the tourist visas that are provided by diplomatic missions of neighboring Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka etc who are all actively wooing tourists. Having said that- Sri Lanka also has major corruption issues

Today, to get a Thai visa is very simple. One just has to turn up at the airport and submit your picture, hotel booking and return ticket. Cambodia is even easier as is Burma, Laos, Indonesia etc. Irresponsible attitude of our consular stuff is affecting tourism in a big way and people are beginning to not even bother applyng for an Indian tourist visa due to the uncertainty of the process and waste of time.
Is it possible to correct this unacceptable situation? There is already the possibility of filing for an electronic visa which in itself does not guarantee you will be given the visa. After filing and waiting a few days you then suddenly discover that you have wasted your time and now ticket prices to other destinations have also gone up. This leads to a catch 22 situation wherein one might just as well have booked a thai flight and holiday rather than an Indian one and the next time around that is what you will definitely do rather than wasting your time applying for an Indian visa which might or might not be granted. All these artificial obstacle cost our country valuable lost income as tourists need certainty as they too wish to prebook so as to get best prices. Quite frankly , the whole system is a disgrace as one arm of the Government advertises India as a great destination and our Goan tourism department goes on a myriad of tours all paid for by the tax payer and on the other hand , the bureaucrats do their best to sabotage tourism by denying visas, creating artificial hurdles , stereotyping all women, and backhand dealing with private tour companies abroad who guarantee visas once huge amounts of money is paid out (one can only presume that Embassy officials are part of this mafia

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