Clean Calangute!

The clean up drive organized by Tito’s Foundation on the 30th of May was mega successful and beyond our expectations.  Hundreds of selfless volunteers joined and more than just cleaning up Calangute, this was also an attempt to set up a system of volunteering and paid staff from businesses who would keep this going permanently.

The next clean up of Calangute beach is going to happen on the 9th of June. Be there at 3:30 pm.

Ricardo Joseph de Souza: “Hopefully we can share these procedures with other villages as well. Calangute was and still is the Queen of Goan beaches with world class infrastructure.  Calangute attracts millions of tourists each year and with proper management  we can make this sustainable for all stake holders. Drishti Marine has brought in international levels of beach safety and is making huge strides in learning the intricacies of beach cleanup as well. Further, mechanized beach cleaners are the need of the hour due to the sheer  scale of the job. Teaching kids at school on how to stand up to people who litter is needed as it’s not usually the local who litters. Maybe Government  marshals along the lines of traffic sentinels would be a sensible way to go as this would also boost employment.  All these  things will be recommended to the Govt after consultation with lawyers. Tito’s kickstarted Tourism in Goa – now we shall also kickstart the cleanliness Revolution”.

Fabiano de Souza: “It was a great response on part of everyone to clean the beach, it is our first step, now we will start with the awareness, sign boards, going to schools, educating to segregate the garbage, not to litter, will be requesting the panchayate to ban selling plastic bags. Will be working to Unite everyone to keep Calangute, Goa clean. every month we will have the drive, till we see it is clean.  Next we want to make appeal to everyone to plant trees and grow organic vegetables in your garden, let’s do our part n keep our place Clean and Green.

On behalf of Tito’s Foundation, we would like to thank Calangute Association for the snacks, Tito’s for refreshing drinks and bananas, Alex Coutinho for snacks, Drishti Marine for logistical support and labors and garbage bags, Albania for the gloves and medical kit.
 We Thank, Lions Club of Calangute, JCI- Calangute, senior Citizens of Calangute, Calangute Foundation, Supercrew, Saahass Zero Waste, Shree Shantadurga Sansthan, North Goa Taxi owners Ass., Rent a Car Ass. Fisherman Ass. Shri Thoteshwar Rashtroli Devasthan, Samrat club, St Savio SC, Shack Owners Ass., water Sports Operators, Shree Dev Babreshwar Samaj Hanuman Mandir, North East Association in Goa, Residents n Non Residents of Calangute and panchayat Sarpanch n members who took forward our initiative and did a fantastic job to organize it on a massive scale. Thank you Shawn Martins n your team, including Dattaprasad Dabolkar ZP member of Calangute, also panchayate gave garbage bags, cleaning tools etc
Thank you Diana Fernandes Lobo, Aaron D’Souza and Padmakumar Nair who are part of Tito’s Foundation who really worked very hard to clean the Calangute Beach along with Jill Dale Rodrigues n Hema Nagvekar and Bosses of Titos Mr Ricardo Joseph De Souza n David De Souza along with Brijesh Sardessai Ceo of Titos and Augustine Carvalho General manager of Tito’s.
Sorry if we have missed someone, it is not intentional and God bless you all and looking forward to work together for good cause”.

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